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Sailors’ Society has been developing innovative ways of improving communication between chaplains, seafarers, seafarers’ families and our offices.

The result is a growing suite of apps, which has attracted huge interest in the industry and charitable sectors. Our first app, which is now called Ship Visitor-ICMA, has been made available to all ICMA member organisations and has revolutionised the way in which chaplaincy services are delivered.


403 people using the ship visitor app
20,300 ships visited using the app
615,500 people visited

Ship Visitor-ICMA App

This app allows chaplains to connect as well as report and analyse data on how they are helping seafarers in real-time. Data can be accessed by chaplains in other ports to provide ongoing care and assistance, subject to confidentiality and data protection policies.

Wellness at Sea App

Taking our highly-prized Wellness programme and making content available to seafarers everywhere through their mobile phones. The free app puts physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare in each seafarer’s hands and connects them to valuable support networks.

SeaWives App

SeaWives is a free online forum offering advice, discussion and a support network for wives, partners and families of seafarers. We are funding the SeaWives App, connecting wives and partners of seafarers so friendships can be made and support given.