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These projects seek to enhance schooling opportunities for seafarers’ children by providing valuable resources that improve their learning, as well as their access to education.

New bikes have enabled pupils to travel long distances to schools and motorised boats allow pupils to travel across water safely to get there, while new computers and school equipment have helped to improve lesson quality. Currently all of these projects are operational in the Philippines. Due to their success, there are plans to reproduce these initiatives in other schools in the Philippines, as well as in other countries.


2 motorised boats able to carry 30 pupils each
45 bikes
50 computers

The School Bike Project

Bikes provided by Sailors' Society for school children in the Philippines

Providing bikes plus safety gear at our three partner schools in the Philippines to facilitate pupils' journeys to and from school and make attendance possible for those who live some distance away.

The School Computer Project

A computer being used by a pupil at one of Sailors' Society's partner schools

Providing computers plus internet access at our three partner schools in the Philippines for interactive and engaging lessons and internet access for seafarers' families outside school hours.

The School Boat Service

A boat provided by Sailors' Society to end the world's wettest school run

Providing motorised boats to transport children from disadvantaged seafaring communities in the Philippines to and from school. The boats help ensure children arrive dry and safely.